An ELearning Wishlist [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s the season for giving, so why not give your learners what they want out of an elearning program? The infographic below, provided by SHIFT E-Learning, details some tips for giving elearning users what they desire out of an elearning program.

If I were to add anything to this list, I suppose it would be putting an end to the 4+ hour elearning modules. No one wants to sit at their computer for hours on end taking an elearning course. Usually the learner will just hit the “next” button repeatedly until they reach the quiz, and then hack their way through the quiz until they are allowed to move on.

I know this because it is what I used to do.

Not that I didn’t appreciate the elearning course content, but time is money and there was other work that needed to be done. The better approach would have been if this same module was broken up into smaller, logical chunks.

In a world where being concise is a necessity, long-winded (boring) elearning modules that look more like a rehashed Microsoft PowerPoint presentation are not going to cut it anymore.

Which is a good introduction into the second item I would add to the list below: let’s start moving away from PowerPoint.

As an elearning developer myself, I have to admit that I have relied upon PowerPoint in the past for my courses – but certainly there has to be a better way. That said, when it comes to elearning programs that I have enjoyed taking, they often have no resemblance of PowerPoint. They are unique, well developed, and lack the linear “slide” feel that is inherently part of PowerPoint’s DNA.

While I don’t think this shift will happen anytime soon, one can certainly wish ;).



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