Bento is a powerful email marketing and automation platform that allows you to manage every email, SMS, conversation, and touchpoint, in one place, without needing to stitch multiple tools together. With this integration you can add your passionate learners to your Bento account, segment them by activity, and even trigger automations based on any event in the LearnDash system! All LearnDash customers get exclusive support in the #learndash Discord channel.

Add-On Features

Automate Everything

As your learners go through the buying journey of your business, our plugin will send Bento a live stream of event data which you can automate based on. Whether it’s sending someone an email when they enroll in a course, giving tips to people who fail a quiz, or re-engaging people who haven’t logged into your course for awhile, Bento makes it easy to automate anything you wish!

Generate powerful segments for courses

As data comes into your system, you can dynamically build segments and audiences based on who people are, what they’ve purchased, how far in the course they are, and anything you define! Bento’s automation platform let’s you add tags, update fields, and more all with a beautiful drag and drop interface.

Send announcements in just a click

Whether you have just hundreds of learners or millions, Bento enables you to send large broadcasts to your customers in seconds. Using our batched sending feature, course creators can drip new lesson announcements out over days to ensure that your team doesn’t get overwhelmed with feedback. Never stress about sending again!

Set it and forget it

No need to make this complicated. All that is necessary to start subscribing students is to enter a valid Bento API key, and you’ll see data flowing into your account instantly.

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    Sign-up to Bento, install the plugin, and you’re done!


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