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motivateWhenever you create an elearning program it is important to solicit feedback from a portion of your target audience. It goes a long way in helping you to shape your learning so that it is optimal for the audience.

While feedback is a good thing, it can often be misinterpreted for criticism. It is important to remember that when you receive feedback you are actually getting candid advice as to how your training can improve.

The next time you receive feedback for your elearning program, you might do well to remember the following points…

7 Things to Remember About Feedback

Feedback is not advice, praise or an evaluation. Instead it is information about how you are doing in your efforts to reach your state goal or objective.

If students know the classrooms is a safe place to make mistakes, then they are more likely to use the feedback they receive for learning purposes.

The feedback that learners give instructors can be more powerful than the feedback the teachers ultimately give the learners.

When a grade is given as part of feedback, learners will read only as far as the evaluation.

Effective feedback occurs during the learning while there is still time to act upon it.

Most of the feedback that learners receive is from other students, and much of that feedback is inaccurate.

Learners must know their objectives, the specific skill(s) they are going to learn or else they will dismiss the “feedback” as just another thing that someone is trying to tell them to do.


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I like the advice that “Effective feedback occurs during the learning while there is still time to act upon it.” It makes perfect sense that if your only feedback comes after the course, the current learners won’t have the opportunity to benefit from any of the suggested changes. Any ideas on how to do that with an unattended elearning program?

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