6 Must Know ELearning Ninja Tricks

instructional-designerAs you gain more experience with online courses you will eventually come up with tips and tricks to maximize learning.

These techniques can be related to the way the content is presented, visuals used with in the course, instructional design practices, facilitation, videos, interaction strategies, and more.

Depending on the target audience some of these strategies will work better than others.

It is also useful to see what kinds of techniques have worked for other people.

When something is relatively easy to implement I like to call it a “ninja” trick. This is just a fun way of referring to something that doesn’t take long to implement but can have a significant impact on your learning initiative.

If you are looking for some practical tips you can implement in a short amount of time then consider the following six articles below. Each one has a simple strategy for elearning success.

6 Ninja Tricks You Can Use Today

ELearning Ninja Trick for Quizzes – Simple way you can implement for maximizing quiz effectiveness.

Ninja Trick For Better ELearning Plans – Quality elearning starts with a plan, and this trick helps you create one that works.

Dead-Simple Ninja Trick For Justifying Your ELearning Designs – When consulting you have to take a stand, and this tip can help.

Ninja Trick For Keeping Courses Current – It doesn’t take long before course content becomes out-of-date.

Ninja Tricks To Personalize ELearning – ELearning is often impersonal, which is why you need this strategy.

Ninja Trick For Better Classroom Learning – This tip can literally be implemented over the weekend.


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