August 8th, 2016 LearnDash Tips

tips-imageWordPress has come quite a long way since it first started out as a basic content management system with the sole purpose of being a blogging platform.

Looking at the landscape today and it’s quite incredible all of the different ways WordPress is being used. From e-commerce to education, the platform’s flexibility shines.

Given that LearnDash is a WordPress learning management system we are exposed to many different use-cases of WordPress being used from an educational standpoint. This does not just mean at formal education institutions but applies to any person (or organization) using WordPress & LearnDash to deliver elearning course content.

Here are just a handful of ways we have seen WordPress being used to teach and train people.

1. Internal Employee Training

Employees are an organization’s greatest asset and as such it makes perfect sense to creating training programs to make them better at what they do. Though not all of the internal training programs need to be with the purpose of teaching a new skill. We’ve seen LearnDash & WordPress being used for standard purposes like new employee on-boarding.

2. Franchise Training

When running a franchise it is important that all of the franchisees understand the system perfectly. We have seen franchises use WordPress to create a franchisee portal where all of the important training manual information resides. Courses are created to teach franchisees the ins-and-outs of the business.

3. Classroom LMS

While most schools have a school-wide learning management system, many teachers opt to create their own classroom based LMS. WordPress makes it easy for them to do this on a budget and LearnDash adds the organization and online course engagement needed for their course content. Throw in a theme like Social Learner by BuddyBoss and you have a really powerful educational resource.

4. Professional Certifications

There are a countless number of professions that offer some form of certification. We have seen savvy industry professionals create and sell their own continuing education content that delivers credits in their field. Some firms are even creating their own certifications, such as Digital Marketer.

5. Niche Bloggers

There are bloggers finding that they can monetize their content by simply creating a course and offering it to their readers. Their courses usually provide more details on tips/trick related to their industry. The nice thing for these bloggers is that they don’t need to setup another site. Instead, they can just install LearnDash on their current site and convert existing content with a few clicks.

These are just a few of the interesting ways we have seen WordPress (and LearnDash) being used for delivering robust online courses. If you are curious whether LearnDash would be a fit for your project, then don’t hesitate to send us a message!

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