5 Ways ELearning is Awesome

The benefits elearning provides organizations and individuals alike is unlike anything we have seen before in the training space.

Business are realizing economies of scale, as well as the universal (consistent) education of their workforce. At the same time, the individual is benefiting from ease-of-use as well as convenience. Used correctly, a well thought-out elearning program has the potential to bring about a pretty reasonable return on investment.

The benefits also of elearning transcend monetary value. It has a positive effect on the environment – a natural byproduct of remote learning.

While there are a handful of interesting facts, I find the difference in average scores earned by online learners versus traditional classroom students the most striking. While in-person instruction is optimal and effective in many cases, clearly there is a benefit to an online model.

It can be easy to sing the praises of elearning, but it should be noted that it is not always the best method of content delivery. Live classroom (or boardroom) instruction cannot be completely replaced. Some subjects warrant a live component in order to fully address complex topics and to field questions in real-time.

Still, even the hardest learning programs can benefit from an online supplement, which is a great way to maximize learning retention.

The next time you are planning a live training event, perhaps it would make sense to incorporate elearning modules before and after the training takes place. For one, this better prepares participants for the subject at hand in the live sessions, and it also reinforces the learning after the event takes place.

By leveraging the advantages of elearning, you can further ensure the effectiveness of your training.

If you are looking for more reasons why elearning is so awesome, then have a look at the infographic below (originally created by Mango Graphics).


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