5-Star Virtual Classroom Strategy [VIDEO]

Virtual classrooms via webmeetings and video can be a drag, especially if the content is strictly done in PowerPoint while the facilitator drones on and on, reading the slides.   Stop doing the same old thing and spice up your virtual learning – consider using a well thought out strategy for your next virtual classroom event to boost interaction, learning, and overall user satisfaction. 

Your strategy for a virtual learning event depends on a lot of factors, including the content being taught, the audience, and the overall length of the event.  Short, one hour sessions don’t need a ton of variety (although some here will go a long way).  However, anything over an hour and a half should have a carefully throught out strategy to help learners retain their focus and limit obvious distractions (email, internet, etc.).

Whether you have an established strategy or not, the video below offers some great ideas for your next virtual learning event.

Have a strategy not mentioned in the video?  Mention it in the comments section!


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