April 23rd, 2015 E-Learning

comp-deskThe outlook for the elearning industry is a positive one.

In fact, there has never been a better time to be involved with elearning than ever before given its growing influence.

Technological trends are driving innovation across a variety of sectors.

Specifically, we are seeing increased use (and growth) in areas like:

  1. Mobile learning
  2. Learning management systems
  3. Gamification
  4. Social learning
  5. Big data

Mobile learning is becoming more popular as more people use smartphones on a day-to-day basis, rapidly approaching 70% market penetration. It’s estimated that by 2017 the mobile learning market will reach $12.2 billion.

Learning management systems are also evolving, many of which are moving to cloud based offerings as cloud computing becomes more popular (expected  44% annual growth over the next five years). The feature sets for these systems are also growing up, especially with regards to gaming elements.

Gamification is popular because it helps to drive home key points in learning, as well as make elearning more interactive. When used in the workplace, studies have shown that gamification increases knowledge retention which in turn impacts employee performance and ultimately corporate revenue.

Gamification helps to make learning more social, which is another area of growth in recent years. Many industries use social media to help their workforce connect and learn. What’s more, big data is now making these social learning engagements measurable. We can collect information on learner behavior, learning preferences, and performance by leveraging Tin Can API. Learning is no longer confined.

All signs seem to show that the elearning industry isn’t just growing – it’s expanding!


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