person-thinkingEvery now and again I look back at the articles that have been written on this site. In a way it acts as a snapshot in time to what was relevant in the elearning industry.

I have covered a wide-range of topics over the years, and when I look at these topics I have noticed a slight shift.

Lately the articles I have written have shifted to the commercial side of things (selling of online courses). Probably a variety of reasons for this but the obvious being that this is something I am exposed to every day given how our customers use LearnDash.

I enjoy writing those articles and will continue to do so.

But one topic that I used to cover a lot more was instructional design, focusing on tips and strategies for more effective course structures and results.

Instructional design is a fascinating discipline packed full of theory and methodology. It is interesting to see how tested theories apply to the every changing technology landscape.

I will be making a point to write some more articles for the instructional designer. To kick things off, I wanted to share some previous articles on the subject.

5 Instructional Design Related Articles

3 Ways to Earn More Money as an Instructional Designer – A simple tip to position yourself to make more money.

Why Every Company Must Hire an Instructional Designer – Companies can benefit from hiring instructional designers.

9 Essential Instructional Design Skills – Every ID should have these skills.

Critical Elements of Instructional Design – There are a lot of theories out there related to ID, here are the critical elements.

Should We Rename Instructional Design? – Analyzing whether the industry transition to a newly proposed name.

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