October 5th, 2015 E-Learning

woman-with-finger-gogglesAny successful organization tracks the return on investment (ROI) for any initiative they implement.

If the returns are negative then there is a good chance that the program will not be in place very long.

While most people think of ROI in terms of products (or services) being offered, it also applies to internal programs like training and elearning.

For years it was thought that ROI couldn’t be effectively established for elearning, and to some extent this challenge still exists. It takes proper planning to establish relevant ROI metrics that leadership agrees with. This process alone can take many weeks.

Despite the challenges of establishing viable ROI metrics and measurement techniques for elearning (or training) programs, it certainly isn’t impossible.

In fact, today we have a wealth of resources available relating to training ROI including case studies, facts & figures, and various techniques for tying elearning to important business goals.

If you are looking for such resources, then the five articles below are a great place to start!

5 ELearning ROI Articles You Should Read

10 Ways ELearning Maximizes ROI – Good to know in case you are ever asked for examples.

Aligning Learning to Performance – At some point you need to demonstrate that the program is linked to individual performance.

Choosing The Right Assessment Strategy – Taking effective measurements is critical to demonstrating ROI.

Numbers Don’t Lie: ROI of Corporate Training – Training initiatives (not just elearning) can have a profound impact.

Social Learning ROI – While training and elearning are great, social learning is proving valuable.

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