5 Micro-Learning Articles Worth Reading

computer-on-deskMicro-learning is somewhat of a newcomer in everyday elearning vernacular. Sure, instructional designers have always known about delivering content in small, manageable chunks but it was never as much of a necessity as it is today.

The rise of mobile devices and elearning has resulted in greater demand for micro-content. It is now a must-have skill for anyone creating online training as it will only be in greater demand over the years.

If you are not yet familiar with micro-learning and you are involved in the elearning industry then now is a good time to come up to speed. The concept is rather straight-forward. As with anything, it comes down to execution.

Some content is perfect in micro form and other content is not. Making the decision as to the best delivery method for elearning is the job of an instructional designer. By simply knowing micro-learning in more detail you will be better prepared to make the appropriate recommendation.

But making a recommendation is only the first step. If you are consulting a client then you will need to back-up that recommendation with some facts and figures.

To help you get caught up on the micro-learning phenomenon, consider reading the five articles below.

5 Must-Read Micro-Learning Articles

Google’s Micro-Learning Findings – Google’s findings on micro-content.

Making Micro Course Content – Making micro content requires some key considerations.

Micro-Learning Becoming Latest Trend – Micro-learning looks like it is here to stay.

Micro-Learning’s Meteoric Rise – It is on the rise and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

Creating Engaging Multi-Device ELearning – Consider the devices people will use to access content.


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