5 Articles on Using Video in ELearning

woman-with-finger-gogglesHave you ever taken an elearning course that didn’t include at least some form of video?

I know that I have, and it was pretty boring.

Not that I need video in order for a course to hold my attention. What was more problematic was that the course didn’t use a variety of media to split up the message delivery.

I suppose it’s safe to say that this wasn’t my favorite elearning experience.

That said, such courses are becoming a thing of the past as videos and animations are now more of a standard in elearning. Inserting videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and other similar programs eliminates many of the technical headaches that were once associated with videos in learning.

Whether you have yet to incorporate videos into your online courses or you have been doing it for years, the articles below are worth a quick read. In them you will find tips for increasing effectiveness, security, and presentation.

5 Articles About ELearning & Videos

Video Security In Your Online Courses – A quick look at some of the more popular options for protecting your video content.

The Video Influence On ELearning – Just what kind of impact has video had on elearning? This article investigates this a bit further.

Enhance Learning With Video-Based Quizzes – A nice strategy for adding some variety to your course and its quizzes.

How To Effectively Use Video For Training – Tips for making sure that the videos you use are having a positive impact.

Using Video, Images, or Text in ELearning – Not sure which is best for your course? This article outlines some general guidelines.


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