5 Articles on Using Media in ELearning

wordpress-for-elearningTaking an online course can be a dreadful experience if it relies heavily upon text.

There was once a time when simply publishing a few PowerPoint slides in elearning software was enough. Thankfully those days are long gone as we have evolved in the way we deliver digital content.

Today we can use hotspots, videos, various imagery (such as graphs and charts), infographics, audio, and more to drive home key objectives. It seems like every other week there is new program that makes using media in elearning even easier. For example, recently there has been a surge of services that allow interaction points within videos (such as checkpoint quizzes). Pretty cool stuff!

Maybe you have some old elearning courses that need updating, or perhaps you are currently creating a course and are interested in implementing various forms of media.

If so then you will find the articles below quite useful. A quick word of caution though – do not overdo it with media in your courses. There is a thin line between being useful and being destracting. Always make sure that the media you use enhances the learning.

5 Articles on Using Media in ELearning

Do You Use Strategic Media? You Should! – Use media with a distinct purpose for the best results.

Social Media in the Classroom [INFOGRAPHIC] – Social media has its place in digital learning.

Using Video, Images, or Text in ELearning – When should you use video, images, or just text.

Enhance Learning with Video-Based Quizzes – Spice up your quizzes by adding video elements.

True Definition of ELearning Engagement – Here is what that really means.


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