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learning-marketsThe training industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, especially given the advancement in new technologies. For an individual, or company, looking to get involved in the industry, there are quite a few niches to get involved in. If you are still wondering what the best sub-categories (or niches) are within the training industry, you can use the list below to get started.

Now, some of these areas may be more viable than others depending on your situation and interests. For example, some areas may require more capital up-front, while others only require experience. You could get into businesses in these industries as an employee, or start your own. There are certainly more sub-industries in the training field available, but this list is a great starting point. Using these categories, you will find that you can dig further, or even combine some in different ways.

The point is, if you have a desire to be involved within the training industry, then you have many options available to you. Find which one speaks to you the most and run with it, do research, and create your own value-added contribution.

Training Industry Profitable Markets:

  1. Adult & Continuing Education
  2. Aeronautics Training
  3. Assessment and Testing
  4. Authoring Tools
  5. Automotive Training
  6. Certification Development
  7. Certification Training
  8. Community Colleges
  9. Compliance/Regulatory Training
  10. Content Development
  11. Continuous Improvement Training
  12. Culinary Training School
  13. Customer Service Training
  14. Customer Training
  15. Delivery & Meeting Tools
  16. Diversity Training
  17. ELearning
  18. Energy and Utilities Training
  19. Enterprise Architecture Courses
  20. Executive Coaching
  21. Executive Education
  22. Food Service Training
  23. Government Policy Training
  24. Hospitality Training
  25. HR and OD Courses
  26. International Translation Services
  27. IT Training
  28. Language Training
  29. Safety Training
  30. Leadership Training
  31. LMS/CMS
  32. Medical Education
  33. MOOCs
  34. Online Education
  35. Professional Education Programs
  36. Project Management Training
  37. Quality Control Training
  38. Retail Training
  39. Sales Training
  40. Serious Games and Simulations
  41. Team Building
  42. Training Consulting
  43. Training Outsourcing
  44. Workforce Development Training

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Thanks, Justin, your articles are efficient yet comprehensive in sharing potential careers within the Training Industry landscape.

You’re welcome David, thank you for the kind words 🙂

Hi Justin
Thanks for this huge list of niches. Though your hint on Dummies also was great, this pinpointing list is lot more great.

I had identified a few areas but they were very broad and never narrow down to any specific. Now, I can definitely shoot ahead and create the course I was waiting for.

I followed many articles on Linkedin etc. but they never revealed any specific topic. Thanks again.

We are in the IT training industry specifically Adobe Software, if you can specialise and get known as an industry expert there is plenty of work, I think a lot of training centres in the IT industry train in everything and can become diluted.

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