November 26th, 2013 E-Learning

flipped-class-jpgThe flipped classroom approach within education is only becoming more popular among educators in both K-12 and higher-ed environments. That said, not everyone is familiar with how to go about flipping their classroom (even on a trial basis).

There is an abundance of resources, some more in-depth than others, providing guidance on how to use the flipped classroom model. Consider this post a general overview (four steps to be exact) on how you can get started quickly with this method.

The four steps, as originally detailed by KnowledgeOne, are as follows:

Step 1: Empower the Student

In this step, you should focus on creating a student-centered learning environment. By doing this, the teacher becomes more of a guide to the learning. Setting up a learning environment can be done quickly, especially when leveraging open-source platforms such as WordPress.

Step 2: Utilize Technology

With your learning management system in place, you allow students to easily access the course material at any point in time and from any location. Post videos of lectures, share online study guides and reading materials, insert audio, images, and any media you can think of for students to access.

Step 3: Always Evaluate

Having your program in place is one thing – you also need to keep an eye on how it is performing by regularly evaluating learning outcomes and adapting accordingly.  You can do this a variety of ways (online quizzing mechanisms are a great place to start). If monitored properly, you should see a positive impact on performance over time.

In fact, in one study, 200 teachers flipped their classrooms, and 85% of them saw an overall increase in grades.

Step 4: Foster a Learning Community

Just posting your content online will not guarantee that it is effective. You should do everything in your control to foster a community among the students. Encourage interaction with the content that is posted, ignite discussions, and solicit feedback.

Beyond just classroom interaction, you should also aim to interact with fellow teachers so as to exchange ideas on how the entire experience can be better.

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I like the concept here. You referenced a study of 200 classrooms. Could you share the source of the study?



Great article and thanks for sharing the study. I’ve been looking for some empirical support for the flipped classroom and this does the trick!

Avatar Swaroop


Any idea how the LearnDash environment works for K-12 teachers who may want to access course content, designed by a publisher authoring in LearnDash, to enrich their day to day instruction and to be able to track their students’ time spent online, as well as their assessment results?

I’ve used Moodle in the past, as an online instructor, and found it to be an excellent CMS/LMS environment. Any comparisons? The 2.0 and earlier versions of Moodle did track with SCORM. Thanks.

Avatar Mike

Hi Mike-

Thanks for the note. I may be biased, but I think LearnDash is a perfect class supplement. We have K-12 teachers (as well as university professors) with classroom based sites. If SCORM is a requirement, then LearnDash is not a good choice (it is not SCORM compatible). As far as learning curve is concerned, if you are familiar with WordPress, you’d have no issues. If not, then no worries either since WordPress is quite easy to come up to speed with – plus there is a ton of documentation out there (heck, 1 out of 5 websites runs WordPress).

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the information. I just wanted to know about flipped classroom because I wanted to solve a problem of inadequate quality teaching staff and learning facilities such as chairs and desk, in rural schools in Nigeria. I called the social venture “school without wall”. Does the name go well with the flipped classroom idea?

Avatar Peter Emmanuel

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