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four-fingersMany people today understand that elearning is a great way to delivery training on a particular subject to a large audience at a fraction of the price of live training.

With the emergence of rapid elearning development software such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline, nearly anyone can create a basic online course.

But what about the systems in place that deliver the elearning – often referred to as a learning management system?

The LMS is a vital part of an organization as it quietly hums along in the background. Sure, the elearning itself receives all the attention, but without the LMS, none of it would be possible.

Here are four benefits of having an LMS, as originally detailed by training company BlueVolt.

4 LMS Benefits

1. An LMS saves you time. Sure it also saves you money, but an LMS is a critical time-saver. No need to coordinate schedules of individuals via email or some other means. All related schedules, registrations, and documents reside in one location.

2. An LMS is flexible to any schedule. There is no need to schedule training rooms, materials, or even trainers. An LMS can work at anytime and often anywhere.

3. An LMS allows for consistency in delivery. Unlike a live trainer, an LMS will deliver the training in a consistent manner to everyone, every single time. This ensures that all learners can hear the same message.

4. An LMS provides valuable training insights. Using the reporting features in an LMS, you know when, where, how long and how often your learners are accessing the content.

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Say I sell 10 courses to a training manager. Is there a way to have that manager view reports or share a login for their 10 employees? I, as the training provider host the LMS and have multiple customers. Thanks

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