3 Must-Have LMS Features Infographic

Our expectations of learning management systems are evolving as new technology continues to influence the feature sets.

At one point the LMS was a static piece of software quietly humming along in the background as we read documents and viewed recorded PowerPoint presentations. Today, it has more direct interaction with the user, and in some cases can help to bolster learning.

Recently I wrote an article for the Association for Talent Development (ATD) that discusses three modern learning management features that every LMS should include.

Knowing that not everyone has the time to read through articles of this nature, we had an infographic created that summarizes the three main points (you can read more details behind each feature here).

Also included in this infographic is one system that we know can satisify each of these criteria: WordPress.

Seasoned elearning professionals may neglect to think of WordPress in the this context, but there has been a shift happening as of late. The flexible nature of WordPress actually makes it an ideal conduit for elearning courses. Everything from formal training initiatives to casual courses.

With the advent of Tin Can API, learning management systems have “broken free” from the clunky options of the past. Visuals don’t have to be sacrificed for functionality, 3rd party integrations are quite easy, and so is implementing best-practice strategies like gamification.

If you’re in the market for a learning management system, you would do well to ensure that the three features listed in this infographic are included. Today’s online learner expects them.

Modern LMS Infographic


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