December 21st, 2017 E-Learning

With only a handful of days left in the year, let’s have a look at my e-learning predictions for 2017.

Every year I make predictions in our industry.

Sometimes I’m right. Sometimes I’m wrong.

And other times I’m “sort of” right.

Regardless, I really enjoy taking a look at where our industry is going and what we have accomplished in the past year. So much can change, and so quickly!

As a reminder here are the three predictions that I made in January of this year:

  1. Increase Presence of WordPress LMS in Traditional Markets
  2. Innovation Around Micro-Learning
  3. Increased Demand for ID Professionals

Prediction #1: Increase Presence of WordPress LMS in Traditional Markets

Result: Sort of Right

The problem I realize about this prediction is that it is incredibly hard to evaluate outside of our own experience. But what I can say is that we have seen an increase in companies coming to LearnDash for corporate training initiatives. Sometimes they replace their current LMS with LearnDash and other times they use it as a supplement to their current configuration.

While this data could be due to an increase of WordPress powered learning management systems in the corporate market, it could also be due to our growth as a company in terms of brand awareness.

In researching other WordPress LMS options I was able to find clues that they too were being used in more traditional corporate settings. While the evidence isn’t concrete by any means, what I was able to find leads me to believe that the WordPress is gaining a footing in the traditional corporate space for learning programs.

Prediction #2: Innovation Around Micro-Learning

Result: Nailed it 🙂

I have been harping on micro-learning for almost two years.

Back then not much could be found on the subject. Today it is common place. As predicted we are seeing innovation around micro-content. We implemented features that are “micro-learning friendly”, and other innovative solutions are popping up that are designed specifically for delivering micro-content.

Keep an eye on this space as it is just starting to gain momentum now. We are poised to see an increase in micro-learning visibility in the years to come.

Prediction #3: Increased Demand for ID Professionals

Result: Nailed it 🙂

This is great news for anyone in the instructional design field! All sources are indicating that instructional design demand is continuing to rise and will do so for the foreseeable future.

It has even been reported that the ID field will fill 36,220 new jobs filled by 2018. In fact, the field is poised to have an annual increase of 3.52 percent over the next few years.

If you’re looking for a career (or a career switch) then there is plenty of opportunity in the instructional design industry!

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