March 29th, 2016 E-Learning

Editing-ElearningJust recently the ELearning Guild released the results from one of their popular annual surveys: US ELearning Salary & Compensation Report.

The report is based on a survey they administer where they capture position, compensation, and benefit information from more than 3500 elearning professionals in the United States.

The report uses a number of factors in the results, including industry and gender.

The findings are then split-up accordingly to state, metropolitan area, industry, company size, education level, area of focus, and (once again) gender.

This year the average US base salary ($80,359) is down slightly from the 2014 average ($81,079).

I don’t think this is an indication of an overall decline in industry demand. However, it’s interesting that the salary did decrease slightly the same year that the elearning industry as a whole showed signs of slowing down.

The city that pays the highest salaries for elearning professionals is California (San Francisco), with the average reported at $98,536. A close second is Los Angeles at $98,130.

While certainly a healthy salary it’s important to remember that this likely accounts for the higher cost of living in that part of the country.

The state (as opposed to city) with the highest average was New Jersey ($97,192), which was 4.4% higher than California.

The state with the lowest average was Missouri ($63,167).

Remember though that these numbers only tell part of the story. The position that someone holds, their education, and experience all contribute to the overall figure.

If you are interested the report is available for download to ELearning Guild members here.

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