June 9th, 2013 Course Creation

Advances in technology generally define the latest trends in any industry, and the elearning industry is no different.  New devices and APIs are shaping the present and future of how organizations administer and record learning.  In 2013, we are starting to see how the latest technologies are making their way into formal learning delivery.

The infographic below, provided by KnowledgeOne, details some of the latest and emerging trends in 2013 as they relate to elearning.  Some of the more significant trends include:

  • Gamification – This is arguably one the most exciting developments. Learning based games can be implemented quite easily now in many elearning courses and learning management systems. In fact, if your LMS does not have a form of gamification, then you are doing your learning a disservice (even a simple achievements model).
  • Mobile Technology – Devices like tablets and smartphones are allowing for learning to be on-the-move.  By 2016, the largest growth in mobile sales will be in notebooks and tablets by a significant margin.
  • MOOCs – Possibly the most controversial trend, MOOCs are causing quite the stir, but the utility of the model is still not quite certain.  Still, the possibility of MOOCs is quite exciting.
  • HTML5 – Enjoy better performance, multimedia, connectivity, among other benefits with HTML5.
  •  TinCan API – The next generation of reporting for learning and LMSs around the world, if your LMS doesn’t support TinCan, then you are in for major problems!  This year TinCan hit version 1.0, so expect to see even greater adoption the latter half of 2013.
  • Responsive Web – With all the mobile technology, it’s imperative that websites display properly on the devices.

It will be fascinating to see where we are at the end of the year and heading into 2014.  I think gaming components in learning will start to become the norm (does your LMS support gaming? It should).  I also think that MOOCs will begin to refine their offering and we’ll see some major players emerge.


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A great article and information on current training trends.

Avatar Dipti Ghanghas

You are awesome! This website is awesome for its unique style, design, and contents. Be encouraged to continue pushing the envelope and enhance your brand in a 21st century learning environment that is under-researched and under-appreciated.


Avatar Jan

Big fan of your website Justin. Keep this going!!! 🙂

Avatar Lakshmi

Hi Justin,

Great article and awesome infographic!

I am right now working on the development of a cloud based eLearning solution that will work across devices. The trends you should validate our vision!

Check it out at omnislate.com (and if you like it do sign up for beta :))


Important information for teachers!

Avatar Bettys Arenas de Ruiz

Informative! Excellent inforgraphic! Knowledge about what works well in online teaching and learning is growing rapidly. Best online learning & teaching practices contribute to an effective, efficient and satisfying teaching and learning experience for both faculty and students.

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