We asked members of our community to share how they’ve used our platform to create new courses during the Covid-19 pandemic. The responses have been astounding.

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a spike in new users on our platform as schools, business owners, and entrepreneurs have worked overtime to move their operations online. For our part, our support team has been putting in long hours helping new users get their courses started.

Along the way, we started noticing that the creativity and altruism of our community was something amazing and worth sharing. We asked for stories, and our community responded in force. There’s some great ones in here. We hope you enjoy them.

1. Helping ministries reach their flock.

For people of many faiths, Covid-19 has been a double blow. On top of the challenges we all face, the pandemic has also cut of access to a source of comfort and community in trying times. One of our users decided to use our LMS to help religious leaders stay connected with their congregations:

I have created an entire platform to teach ministries how to reach people with their message by using effective media methods. It’s well received so far. — Ivin Viljoen

2. Language lessons to support teachers.

As teachers face an indefinite period without in-class learning, many are hoping to focus their face-to-face time on language practice and conversation skills. One of our users ramped up their Russian courses focusing on grammar so that teachers could make the most of their class time:

I had one course for learners of Russian done in LearnDash; now, as teachers pivot to online as fast as they can, I made it free (temporarily), have added another, and am working to expand the topics covered with an eye to summer programs and the fall semester. – Curt Ford

3. Transitioning from physical products to digital.

We’ve seen many people work use LearnDash to move their in-person classrooms online. One of our users decided to use our platform to help Makers shift from selling physical products to digital:

I’m creating courses for people who currently make and sell handmade physical products but who want to start with selling digital. For many Makers, the pandemic is their spur. I’m teaching them how to get started, what products fit their current biz etc. — Lisa Machin

4. Teaching English to professional footballers and coaches.

Another of our users transitioned their language courses for professional footballers and coaches online, and the results are better than they could ever have imagined:

Until now I was teaching English language classes to professional footballers and professional football coaches in person. All of them know that learning foreign languages is really important right now because they could find themselves in another league in the near future. Doing our classes in person is impossible with the current situation, but we’ve transitioned to online classes via various apps and to be honest it’s the best thing that has ever happened to us. All the students are loving the classes and working has never felt so good. — Steve Kanfer

5. Small business course for beauticians and spa owners.

Many small businesses have been hit hard during this pandemic, but among those with the hardest path to recovery are those in the salon and spa sector. One of our users saw the need and rose to the challenge:

My course is for small business owners in the beauty/spa segment. 98% are women owners and all impacted by the coronavirus. I’ve thought about offering it for quite some time…the time is now. They really need the help. So I’m writing fast and trying to learn the technology even faster. I have 30+ years of experience to assist them. I just need to learn fast and get this out there. — Judith Culp Pearson

6. Caring for those with anxiety and stress.

Members of the medical field have also turned to online learning to help reach members of their community during this time. One of our users, a doctor, is focusing on courses related to anxiety and stress management:

I’m a doctor creating a course to help people with anxiety. I have wanted to create the course for a long time, but it’s especially needed right now. A lot of folks in my community are experiencing higher stress, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. Everyone is cooking at home so for many this feels like a good time to learn more about improving their health. — Dr. Sara DeFrancesco

7. A mentalist and magician launching courses for workers in the gig economy.

Members of the performing arts community are working especially hard to find ways to reach new audiences. One of our users has drawn on his experience as a mentalist and magician to offer business courses for other gig economy workers:

I’m a professional mentalist and magician who is launching an academy for “gig economy” workers looking to build 7-figure net worths. The first module is going to be on Google Ads, specifically for gig workers and solopreneurs. — Kevin Viner

8. Online yoga for wellness.

Many of us in quarantine are looking for ways to stay healthy, despite the stressful circumstances. One of our users chose our platform to launch high-quality yoga videos to continue classes from home:

I run yoga teacher trainings. The Yoga Alliance, which manages these trainings, has allowed 100% virtual ones. It’s unprecedented, and a great opportunity. They recommended Teachable. I looked at it, but it was not the right price for me. I love that LearnDash can do everything all these other hosted options can do, but gives me total control over the options, implementation, and launch. I plan to differentiate by offering 4K video. — Tristan Cox

9. Finnish wild vegetables and herbs.

There’s a lot to be learned about wild herbs and vegetables, from identification to sustainable harvesting practices, to preparation and preservation. One of our users used our platform to move her courses on Finnish wild vegetables and herbs to a new online platform.

I’ve created a Learndash site for my wife. She was teaching courses on Finnish wild vegetables and wild herbs but the Covid shut down all the live courses so the course is now online. LearnDash and Woocommerce have provided very useful and a good combination in our case. — Mikko Manka

10. Media literacy in the time of Covid-19.

When so many of us are relying on the media for critical information, teaching media literacy is more important than ever. Shout Out UK, a multi media organization providing educational courses, saw the need to move their in-person courses online. Fortunately, the pivot was a success:

We have been putting all our courses online now, with a particular focus on our Digital, Media and Journalism course. We had originally intended to teach it offline, but due to Covid-19, we had to find a way to move it online quickly. We actually managed to smash our target, and have now also launched free courses related to misinformation around Covid-19. — Lucie Spicer

11. Patient advocate resources for the pandemic.

One of our users, who teaches patient advocacy, was quick to see a need for Covid-19–specific resources. Her courses can be taken free, or as part of a certification program:

I developed a course (two versions) specifically to help my members regarding the pandemic: One version is free to anyone, and the other version can be used for certification continuing education credits (CEs). My students are patient advocates, so we jumped right in! — Trisha Torrey

12. Support for people with lower back pain and sciatica.

Many of those with chronic pain are struggling without access to their usual doctors or treatment options. Fortunately, a user recognized the need for support and created a resource just for them.

I’m using LearnDash to support people with lower back pain and sciatica. I can’t see them in-person so using LearnDash to support them instead. — Gavin Routledge

13. Stress management to ease anxiety.

One user turned her own experience with stress as inspiration for a free course to help others manage their own stress and anxiety:

In the first couple of days of the shutdown I must admit I was feeling quite anxious. That motivated me to develop a Stress Hypnosis Program to assist people especially my clients as they struggle with the changes to their lives due to Covid-19. I did start using Zoom with my clients, however some were reluctant to engage in Zoom. So this was a good support mechanism to help them until we opened the practice for face-to-face sessions. — Maureen Hamilton

14. Resources for artists and storytellers.

Finally, we had a user create a suite of courses and educational tools to help bring some positivity into the world:

We made building our course site a priority due to COVID-19 in order to create some positive educational distractions to occupy people’ time, and to give artists, storytellers, and media an opportunity to build courses, while their work is slower. We are also adding an onsite Health Studio with course breaks to stretch and relax, Virtual Camps and Field Trips for Kids and Schools, and a Teaching Lab with resources to help classroom teachers who are now teaching online. — Erica Hargreave

We’re proud our community chose LearnDash.

As a business, we are proud when people choose our LMS. But as individuals, we are heartened and encouraged to see all the ways members of our community have been inspired to create courses in the face of this crisis.

Online learning has been a way to keep businesses afloat, to draw in an extra source of income, to reach students with course material while schools are closed, and to give back to people who need help.

As such, it’s also been a source of hope and inspiration.

So keep the stories coming—we love to hear them!

There is no better time than now to create your online course. By joining LearnDash you not only receive best-in-class online course software (with an entire free website template to get started), but you also become a member of our vibrant, supportive community!

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