March 9th, 2015 E-Learning

The general benefits of elearning are fairly well known today. It is clearly a convienient and cost effective way to deliver training content to a large audience.

But what every business wants to know is how does elearning impact their bottom-line? In other words, how is it saving money, or better yet, making them money?

There is a lot of information out there supporting the claims that elearning is playing a critical part of corporate growth strategies. Some of the largest brands in the world are making sure they have a robust elearning program in place to educate their employees and to further develop their skills.

Seeing as one of an organization’s greatest assets is their workforce, it only makes sense to invest in them!

Below is an infographic created by the folks at Origin Learning that details 10 additional ways that elearning helps to maximize ROI.

While lists like this are great, it’s important to note that simply using elearning doesn’t mean that positive ROI is going to result.

First, it has to be implemented correctly. At the same time, every elearning program needs to have proper measurements identified so that the true impact of the initiative can be measured.

Without critical data identified and monitored, there is no way to really tell if the training program is resulting in anything positive. Worse, it’s hard to determine if it’s actually having a negative impact!

Before you implement any form of elearning for your organization, make sure you determine what metrics you are going to measure in relation to ROI. More importantly, make sure that you can attribute the elearning to these metrics so that the data is an accurate representation of the program’s impact.

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