September 23rd, 2015 Instructional Design

Anyone who creates elearning courses is constantly looking for ways to improve at their craft. Instructional designers aren’t ones to settle, continuously looking for ways to do what they do even better.

In some cases this means adopting the new tools. Various APIs and social learning technology has introduced an entirely new way to engage a learner through elearning.

But new tools can only take you so far. If you really want to create better online courses then there you need to continually practice good instructional design methodology.

While simple in theory there are many avenues to doing so.

Some people opt to become experts at one particular methodology, such as the ADDIE model. There is nothing wrong with this, but the potential issue is that you become “boxed-in” by the demands of phases. As long as you actively

Others prefer to gather a list of “best-practices” from trusted resources, or simply through their own experiences on projects. Keeping track of what works and what doesn’t is always a good idea.

Reminders help too. Creating small checklists can be useful as you build out your elearning courses and after you have completed them (for a form of post evaluation).

There is no shortage of suggestions out there on creating effective elearning. It is something that has been discussed on this site, quite often actually.

If you’re looking for some more tips on creating effective elearning, then check out the infographic below created by PapersGear.

I’m not suggesting that you should remember every one of them, but perhaps there is one or two worth implementing in your own courses.

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I will most appreciate a line of discussion on the points raised here. Keep up the good work.

Avatar Dr Ferdinand Abayomi Oguntoye

For an effective e-learning, you need to hear what you read/learn. When I first started eLearning, I realized I need a little bit of more. After many weeks of hard learning, i’ve found my friend so far, Text to Speech. This magic, what you can find at for example helps you in the reading of any text you want. You simply select the text, and he/she (because it has many voices) reads it for you. I hope it helps you too.:D

Avatar Debra Walters

Really an useful infographic… Planning/Blueprint and analyzing the target audience are one of the important factor of effective elearning process.

Worth to read…

Keep up the great work!!!

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