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Technology and Workplace Learning

webinarpicOver the years, studies have shown that corporate environments with a strong learning culture often out perform their competition. In the past it was not as easy as it is today to have a learning program in place.

Technology has really made it possible for many organizations to implement their own programs, even if on a smaller scale. These companies do this because it is good for their employees, but also because we are now in an era where employees expect development opportunities from their employers.

It really is a win-win situation as tech tools make learning easier and more cost effective while employees get the learning resources.

It should come as no surprise then that technology is changing how learning (and working) occurs in the modern corporate environment. Consider the following facts, as originally detailed by the elearning firm Expand Interactive.

5 Ways Technology Impacts Workplace Learning

  1. Since 1998, the cost of video conferencing has decreased dramatically, close to 10 times less expensive than before. This opens doors for virtual training sessions.
  2. Communication happens through email and message systems. As a result, the average worker spends 28% of their day on email, glued to their computer. With work happening mostly on computers, training has also made the logical shift.
  3. Schedules are becoming flexible with 51% of companies offering shift flexibility. This makes it possible companies to offer learning opportunities knowing that their employees will be able to make one of the sessions.
  4. In 2013, 88% of organizations offered telework, which result sin people working longer. It also means that they have access to training in the form of elearning. In fact, given the shift to remote working, In 2013, 77% of American companies reported using online learning in some form.
  5. ELearning is expected to continue its growth at an average of 23% per year through 2017. Mobile learning opens up even more possibilities as there is beginning to be a heavier reliance upon smartphones and tablets.

About the Author:

Justin Ferriman is the Founder of LearnDash, a WordPress based LMS and Learning Strategy provider. He also works as a Learning & Collaboration Consultant where he implements large-scale training programs for Fortune 500 companies.

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  1. Hey, Justin! Thanks for the shout-out. We’re continually amazed by emerging technology and how much it can enhance how learning content is created, distributed and consumed.

    Expand Interactive

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