Customer Feedback

Russell Dymond from Dymond Institute of Business

dymondinstitutelogoBeing an Australian-based registered training organisation (RTO) – one, which specialises in government accredited online business courses, I approached LearnDash.

Did LearnDash live up to our expectations? Well, we can unequivocally say, “Yes, it most certainly did”.

From our initial point of contact to the installation of the plugin, I must say we’ve been extremely impressed with the LearnDash’s timely response to our queries. Personally, as a practicing marketer, I very much consider a firm’s query response time, as a genuine metric of their commitment to customers.

Thank you LearnDash, you’ve won our support.


Patricia Zapf from ConCEpt

LOGO-TRANSPARENT-CONCEPT-300x115I wanted to write a quick post to THANK YOU for being so responsive and for providing such excellent support! The updates that you continually provide to the LMS just keeps making it better & better.

I looked for a long time before I decided on Learndash and I am extremely happy that I chose your LMS. It is great and continues to get better with your updates and additions. Justin, you have been amazing with the support!

I am always surprised at how responsive you are when an issue arises and the time you take to help troubleshoot the problems with my website. I cannot thank you enough. Your work and your support are simply excellent and I would give you and your work the highest recommendation possible. Thank you again!!


Richard Napier from On-Demand Education

on-demand-eduWe’ve been implementing the LearnDash LMS for a short period now, and we really do feel we are doing it *together* with the LearnDash team. Really top notch support has helped us get the most out of the platform, and we are excited about the different avenues it opens for us as a company.

Since we implemented LearnDash, we have seen a very big upswing (like about 60% higher visit rates) in our website stats, and now have 100 members in just a few short weeks. The ease of use of LearnDash has made the actual LMS side far easier than I imagined.


Alex Vasquez from DigiSavvy

digi-savvyWe’ve deployed a site using LearnDash to create internal learning courses for University employees (HIPAA, Sexual Harassment Training and other courses). Just using LearnDash has already saved many tens of thousands of dollars for the school… LearnDash is a great tool and is, what I feel, one of the hidden gems of WordPress.


Wayne Beck from ProtectUs

ProLogoWebWe are currently implementing a Learndash LMS to deliver our existing training through e-learning. The software is simple to implement and has not restricted the creation of creative courses. We have been testing for the past week on some new courses to be released soon. So far impressed and look forward to using the latest update. The customer support has been excellent, well done and keep up the good work.


Krista Mackinnon from Practice Recovery

practice-recovery-logoAhead of the game. I am just starting to build my curriculum on LearnDash and am very excited and impressed with both the customer service, and the product. You’re ahead of the game Justin! Also, because wordpress is so accessible, and open source: I think other elearning professionals might fear that what once seemed difficult and complicated, will now seem accessible and easy, therefore opening up the elearning market and increasing the supply of opportunities to deliver and receive elearning.

People are always scared of changes like that because they are worried about preserving the big slice of the pie they are enjoying. I’m glad you created LearnDash and thanks for all your work!


President from OnSide Learning

onside-learningOur company has recently integrated Learndash LMS to help us manage our courses online. The integration has been very smooth and Justin and his team have been great!  Just wanted to thank Learndash for their continuous support throughout the process of getting our courseware up and running. Looking forward to future updates!


Dr. Brendan Moloney from Darlo International

darlo-newDarlo International is using LearnDash to provide online training to our clients. While LMS’s have their strengths, I really see the future of eLearning as the integration of web lessons within websites – in this respect, the LearnDash team are pioneers in this space and have developed a great product to advance eLearning.

We have found LearnDash to be a great solution.


Tim Chandler from Iguana Painting Training Studio

_IguanaPaint_logo_200_pngJustin- just want to say a few things about you and LearnDash. First, I really appreciate you and how you work with people. You are quick to help, always provide a helpful answer, and if you don’t have an answer (yet!), you find the solution. I’ve also seen that you operate with high integrity and kindness. Good to know someone like you.

Secondly, I’ve been working on developing my online art school for a few years now, looking for the ideal (read: easy to understand, implement, and use) LMS solution. I’ve tried private and open source (e.g. Moodle), and the more I heard about what you were aiming to do with LearnDash, the more I was inclined to hold off selecting an LMS until I could see what LearnDash had to offer.

I’m glad I waited! LearnDash is proving to be exactly what I was looking for: easy to install, learn, and implement. It has the intuitive feel that WordPress offers, and you’ve laid it out nicely. Plus, you continue to hone LearnDash, and knowing you (see my first point above), I anticipate LearnDash will continue to impress and grow. It’s a good thing to be confident in something because one can trust the person/people behind it. You’ve got a good thing going, Justin. Thanks for pluggin’ away. (yes, pun intended). :)