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4 Social Learning Facts You Should Know

social-learnSocial media giants like FaceBook and the like demonstrate the possibilities that we have available to us when it comes to social learning despite being remote. The concept of social learning isn’t necessarily new, but the technology that we have available now does make certain aspects of proprietary. If you are at all considering an LMS or CMS, then you will do well to get something that is a bit more social than the traditional platforms available (I’m looking at you, Moodle). To help you get a bit more acquainted with social learning in 2013, see some of the facts below, as originally mentioned by

1. It’s On the Rise: Learning by informal, social methods is more and more common. Learning development professionals have traditionally used tools to help learners collaborate, usually by leveraging discussion forums.  New APIs and slick gamification tools enables more complex ways for social interaction.

2. From “2.0” to “3.0”: Some argue that social learning “3.0” is all about the blending of formal learning methods and informal methods through social experience. No more is learning defined by the data stored in an LMS, it is about leveraging and evaluating real experiences.

3. Software Offerings: We are now seeing more platforms emerge that present feature-rich learning management capabilities. Learners can now interact with the content instead of just have it delivered to them.  Quizzes are becoming more dynamic within these programs as well.

4. Big Business: With the rapid growth in learning management, social learning, and new APIs, the learning industry is attracting some big players. Recently, IBM bought out Kenexa, and are expected to make more strategic acquisitions within the learning industry.


About the Author:

Justin Ferriman is the Founder of LearnDash, a WordPress based LMS and Learning Strategy provider. He also works as a Learning & Collaboration Consultant where he implements large-scale training programs for Fortune 500 companies.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. As the e-learning industry increases so does the availability and effectiveness of social learning. Check out our blog that goes along the same idea at

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